Vinyl Fence
Installation System

 We believe there is a better way to install fence by adding value using a structural system that’s far less invasive, we have been transforming daily business operations bringing their employee’s productivity volume to the next level! Our customers are earned rather than bought, we’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help people achieve it.

We focus on simplifying education providing knowledge of our innovative products, as It's one of the least understood fence installation systems on the market. When you discover a disruptive opportunity that will transform an existing market by adding a value network, then we’re excited to share it with you!

 Slip Mount SystemTM



An idea that began out of pure frustration had led us to a solution, in that “Aha moment” we quickly started to design a product and got machining, printing, molding prototypes and filing for patents. Our experience in the field of plastics allowed us to manufacture locally at unparalleled levels of quality and efficiency. We were about to introduce a unique and disruptive product to the fence market and transform the way a vinyl fence post is installed in the ground. Soon we began to serve the interests of everyone from DIY homeowners, fence and deck retailers and wholesalers. Distribution of our products first started across Canada and to the USA

Why us

The Slip Mount System
TM brand is part of the SMS Industries Ltd. product line and manufactured in Alberta Canada (Calgary, AB) the countries largest plastic resin producing sector, we are a company which designs and manufactures installation products for the vinyl fence, deck railing and garden structures market. Our style can be summed up by our simple company philosophy: design, innovate and improve. Additionally, our fulfillment center is strategically located near the Canada-US border offering quality, high volume parts, manufactured and delivered direct to customers in Canada and the USA coupled with our JIT logistics and supply chain experience saving our customers time and money.


Our founders are both well-versed in and around the plastics industry of mold injection and profile extrusion, one having worked with North Americas leading fence profile extrusion companies with locations in the USA and Canada at the time. In the spring 2006 they formed a small fence company providing custom vinyl fence fabrication and installation services, soon after suppling contractors, retail outlets and wholesale distribution across Western Canada. Our long experience at the top means we have the expertise to provide our customers the knowledge and use of our products and are constantly striving to innovative affordable product solutions based on the needs of the market by offering quality North American made products.

Quality Control

Our products are passed through quality inspection to ensure optimal performance throughout their life and our staff bring exceptional knowledge of our products, as well as a deep understanding of the vinyl fence industry in Canada and the USA.​

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