July 2012 custom run colors are requested and blue, red and yellow Slip Mounts are manufactured. Today the color in black still remains our most cost effective. Custom colors run at an up charge with 5,000 part minimum quantity.

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Makes Vinyl Fences Stronger​... Posts Level and Line Up Perfectly... Extremely Fast Fence Install... No Mess to Clean Up!

The Slip MountTM  Story

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March 2017 having the device previously marketed under the brand name "Slip Mount"  A new company is formed and called Slip Mount System Inc. 

August, 2011 Slip Mount appears in an article at DoItYourself.com® founded in 1995, a leading independent home improvement and repair website. See the Slip Mount article written by Murray Anderson click to view  "Install Your Own Vinyl Fence"

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A leading independent home improvement

and repair website!

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May, 2016 a 3rd  tool is added to production and called "Post Rail Lock"  placed into the top cavity of a 5" x 5" post, using screws this part locks in the upper fence rails and prevents them from disengaging from the post. Notching of the fence rails is no longer required! 



Rail Lock



Manufactured and distributed  Calgary, Alberta Canada.
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March, 2009 The Slip Mount device moves into distribution with one of North America's largest leading wholesale fence manufacturing and distribution companies Master Halco having branches in the USA and Canada.

Red Slip Mount

May, 2008 A high capacity,  multi-cavity mold injection tool is built the 1st production is manufactured in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The device takes on a new name "Slip Mount"

April 2017 The company Slip Mount System Inc. becomes a member of the Canadian Fence Industry Association, listed under manufacturer of fence products. 



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Slip Mount System™ Products are incredibly easy to use. No post-hole augering, no dirt spoils to clean up or concrete to mix. The overall vinyl post install time is faster than any other traditional dig-and-pour method, saving you more time and hassle. Slip Mounts are designed to fit snug over 2-3/8" and 1-7/8" round pipe, allowing for an optimal holding position when lining up, leveling and fastening to pipe using self drilling screws! This innovative product is made from the latest in advanced industrial strength poly resin materials, Slip Mount System™ is extremely durable and stands up to all the elements. Contact us to find out more about Slip Mount System™ Products. ​​

About Slip Mount SystemTM

February 2008 Intellectual property protection patent filed on "Fence Post Adapter" A Registered US Industrial Design patent and Registered Canadian Industrial Design.

In 2007 an Idea begin and design work quickly started on a new Post Adapter Device, one that would adapt round chain link pipe to square hollow fence posts i.e. industry standard vinyl or composite fence posts! Most Importantly it had to be easily adjustable, made Impact resistant, cost effective and manufacturing capabilities to supply the high demands from consumers of this rather new technique of Installing vinyl fence posts effortlessly and fast!       

4 Cavity Mold tool
Rail-Lock inside post


Slip Mount System North American Made
Poly resin mold injection fence accessories
Red Slip Mount

April, 2008 a 2nd feature is added called "Reducer Insert " The Insert pushes into the bottom cavity of the 2-3/8" Fence Post Adapter reducing it to fit smaller diameter 1-7/8" (1.875") round pipe.

October 2017, with the latest in plastic technologies an advanced resin blend is added, the test results reveal even greater strength, a more superior impact resistant product. Slip Mount System Inc. takes another step forward in leading the way of innovative vinyl fence installation solutions!    


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