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Vinyl Fence
Installation System

FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions? Both from home owners and fence companies.

Q: Is it true, Slip Mount was 1st to make the 2-3/8" One-piece adjustable pipe to post adapter? 

Yes this is TRUE! Prior to 2008 many different looking and smaller in size pipe to post adapters existed in both Canada and USA, many were made for 1-7/8” pipe others fit 2" pipe and were non-adjustable, 2-piece gear design, some having an off set hole, these types were more time consuming to adjust. The devices were made of ABS, PVC, Recycled Plastics, Galvanized and stainless steel.

As with any good product soon after Slip Mount was introduced others followed in our footsteps with their versions of  2-3/8” designs. The Slip Mount-Post adapter holds a registered Canadian Industrial Design and US intellectual Industrial Design Patent (2008) this prevents third parties from making, selling or importing articles bearing or embodying a design which is a copy, or substantially a copy, of the protected design, when such acts are undertaken for commercial purposes.

All Slip Mount Products are embossed with the SLIP MOUNT name, as we say “if it doesn’t say Slip Mount it’s not a Slip Mount”     

Q: When did the pipe to post mounting of Vinyl Fence begin? 

We can find many pipe to post mounting devices used mainly for the propose of cladding wood or other materials to pipe, early versions date back over 50 years ago. it was not until the vinyl fence industry grew in popularity in the early 2000’s when pipe to vinyl post adapting systems started to appear and were marketed as an alternative method to installing vinyl fence or to utilize existing pipe to convert to hollow fence posts. One of the very 1st versions sold specifically for the purpose of mounting a hollow vinyl post to a pipe and became the pioneering design of the system of this method was referred to many as “The Star Post Adapter” invented by G. Elsasser of Canada in 2002, (Picture Fig. 1) Elsasser's  window and fence extrusion company’s design was basic, a simple a star shape profile extrusion cut into desired lengths fasten to the upright pipe and sleeve over a hollow post, most common fitted the popular 1-7/8” Pipe made for both 4” and 5” square hollow vinyl posts.

​​Q: When fastening Slip Mounts on pipe, how many screws should I use?

A minimum of (2) screws are required for fastening on Slip Mounts to pipe 1- located upper flange and 1- located lower flange opposite side.  Up to 4 screws can be used.  Screw type recommended by manufacture is Self Tapping or Self drilling  maximum roundness size is5/16" #10 Hex Head x 1" length however other head styles may be used.  

Click here to see screw and location of fastening.

Q: It’s really cold outside and I am installing my fence – will Slip Mounts break?

Slip Mount has been tested to withstand temperatures from -35 C or (-31 F)  to +35 C or (+95 F) so you should be okay using it in the cold. When installing always try and avoid sharp sudden blows impacting the products. Always use a rubber hammer when force may be required.    

                                                                    Should I use 2-3/8" pipe or 1-7/8"?

Yes size dose matter! In the early 2000’s Installers using this method of install for vinyl fence only had a 1-7/8” Pipe adapter devices available. However, it was discovered that 2-3/8” pipe was more suitable for vinyl fence applications offering many more benefits although slightly larger, less then ¼” of internal bottom rail penetration is lost upon install. And is now the most popular choice among many fence professionals!

  • ​​Price difference?  1-7/8” Schedule 40 Pipe Vs 2-3/8” (.090 wall or SS20) is close to the same price or even less. Pipe is generally sold based on it's weight, although the 2-3/8” has a thinner wall the ½” larger diameter makes up for the extra weight and strength is equivalent at the ground sheer point 

  • As shown above (Fig 2.) the 2-3/8" pipe is ½” (.50") larger in diameter, surprisingly approximately ¼” (.250”) of the inside vinyl bottom rail penetration is lost, barley enough to make a significant difference when the vinyl bottom rails are installed correctly!

  •  2-3/8" pipe gives a more rigid or solid feel over the smaller 1-7/8 pipe, even 8 Ft on center spacing the 2-3/8" pipe with finished 6 Ft vinyl posts had less side to side top wobble!

  • The inside 2-3/8" pipe when driven into ground, more earth or subsoil, even smaller rocks traveled up inside the pipe's cavity. In most ground conditions installers claimed the 2-3/8” drove in the ground faster then 1-7/8” Pipe, perhaps due to the larger pipe opening and not plugging up as much with ground debris!  

  • The outside of the 2-3/8” pipe when driven into the ground,  to a depth of 4 FT (48") the larger pipe diameter allowed nearly 24 more square inches of outside ground gripping strength, holding on to the pipe! With more subsoil up inside the pipe plus this added weight gain inside from extra soils, this meant the pipe was anchoring into the ground even more then the 1-7/8" pipe!

  • Upon pull testing, the 2-3/8” pipe was more difficult to extract out of the ground due to this ground gripping strength plus the added internal cavity's weight gain from extra soils and suction between ground and pipe noticeable especially in clay type soil conditions!

  • Both 1-7/8 and 2-3/8” Pipe are the most commonly used throughout the chain link fence industry and readily available through any chain link supplier in the USA and Canada.  

 *  Note when using 1-7/8" pipe and Slip Mounts along with our "Reducer Insert" it is recommended using Schedule 40 industrial grade pipe in all privacy applications.  The use of 1-7/8"  with light commercial grade is best suited for decorative or ornamental vinyl fence styles having less wind load. 

How Slip Mount TM System products are made.

The 1/2" (.50") larger diameter pipe shows that less then 1/4" (.250") loss of bottom rail insertion or inside post rail penetration is decreased or lost within.  

(Fig. 2) 

Q: Where are Slip Mount System TM Products made?

PROUDLY MADE IN THE CANADA! Slip Mount System TM is made in Calgary, Alberta using the highest quality materials. Slip Mount System TM Products are distributed in Canada and USA to the lower 48!

Fig. 1

Q: Will Slip Mount fit all 5" x 5" Vinyl Posts?

Slip Mount is manufactured to fit a multiple of standard wall thickness posts 5" x 5" profile ranging 0.130 - 0.150 wall thickness, having an inside post wall to wall measurement of approximately 4.750" x 4.750" square . Slip Mounts may not fit inside ALL 5" x 5" thicker wall vinyl posts due to the large variety of manufactures, check with you vinyl products dealer or manufacture regarding standard wall post vs heavy wall posts in the + 0.150 wall thickness range also referred to as (HEAVY WALL POST)

Slip Mount System TM products made from a manufacturing process in which parts are produced by injecting material in liquid form into a mold.  The process works by heating small pellets of material into a molten liquid and then forcing the hot liquid through a nozzle and into a mold whose internal cavity is the negative of whatever part is being created. The molten parts are cooled and then removed from the mold by ejector pins.

        What Makes Slip Mount the #1 most popular pipe to post adapter!

  • Made in Canada! We use virgin industrial grade resins offering high impact resistance and tensile strength. 
  • Upper and lower screw mounting flanges providing up to 4 holding positions on pipe.
  • One piece design, having multi directional adjustment in allowing 1-1/4" of correction for offset pipe.
  • Tabs grip on the pipe and holds Slip Mount in place when positioning and aligning to level.
  • Outer side walls are 3/8" thick allowing maximum screw penetration and holding when fastening on U-channels.
  • 2-3/8" inner cavity can be adapted to smaller pipe using our 1-7/8" Reducer Insert.
  • 11 Years on the vinyl fence market, USA and Canada  used by Installation professionals everywhere.
  • Protected Industrial design patents, registered in Canada and USA, February 2008.

Q: Where can I buy Slip Mount System Products?

Slip Mount System TM Products are available in Canada and the United States through select vinyl fence suppliers.  Sorry, it is not yet available in Europe or Australia. Click here for more info

​​Q: Can I use Slip Mounts with other vinyl post structures such as sign posts, arbors and pergolas?

Yes you can, depending on vinyl post height, 3 or 4 Slip Mounts per pipe may be required and the use of longer pipe. 

Q: I own a reputable fence company, I want to be sure that this product will last the full duration of the vinyl fence warranty and not fail, crack or deteriorate?

Slip Mount has been in distribution both in Canada and the USA since 2008, over 10 years in the hands of professional fence installers across the country, having an excellent and extremely well proven performance track record in both hot, cold climates and in high wind condition regions.  We use a high-quality resin in our manufacturing process, focusing on product performance, environmental conditions and we test for the maximum forces that may be applied. Slip Mount is made of 100% Virgin Poly Ethylene (PE) resins, being pure and non-remanufactured with no recycled materials involved in the blend, we add extra Carbon Black as a Sun UV protector shall your project become temporally on hold and left out in the sun. (PE) has excellent chemical resistance is extremely tough for impact strength it is flexible and widely used in many industrial and commercial applications such a pipeline, environmental geomembrane systems for Mining, Agriculture and the Oil, Gas sector.

NOTE: We have reversed engineered competitor’s pipe to post mounting products and to no surprise the results indicate when it comes to these other similar devices, cheaper is by no means better! Especially in a product that's made to support the structural integrity of your quality made and guaranteed  backed vinyl fence material.