​​2-3/8" Galvanized Pipe:  When Installing full privacy style vinyl fences use 2-3/8"  (2.375") O/D outside dimension Standard  thickness of .090 Wall thickness for higher wind load use greater strength SS 20 or (14 gauge) wall thickness pipe. This galvanized chain link pipe will support fence heights up to 6 Ft tall having 8 Ft on center post spacing. The 8 Ft pipe lengths are most commonly found through chain link fence supply companies. Generally 4 Ft of pipe is set below ground and 4 Ft of pipe above ground with most 5 and 6 ft high fence applications. 

SS 20 2-3/8" galvanized pipe is specifically designed and engineered for use in the industrial fence marketplace. SS 20 is cold-formed to a minimum yield of 50,000 psi. SS 20® meets the requirements of ASTM F 1043.  Heavy wall pipe such as 2-3/8" Schedule 40 is used in extreme high wind load areas or taller fence styles.

1-7/8" Pipeor (1.875") Outside diameter pipe. When using 1-7/8" pipe installing full privacy applications the use of heavy wall Schedule 40 wall pipe is recommend, using Slip Mount System TM. (2)- parts will be required, both 1-7/8" reducer Insert part along with the 2-3/8" Slip Mount part.  

Gas Powered Post Drivers! 

                              Saves time, reducing labor costs!

                                             Workers are more efficient, less fatigue on job site!

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Post Driver on pipe and Vinyl fence

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Vinyl Post Adjuster with Reducer Insert

Slip Mount System TM Installation Instructions

​ ​SKIDRIL 2 & 4 stroke G-20D gas post driver

(pictured  here)  has an Internal vibration dampening system that reduces operator fatigue while providing up to 1,800 blows per minute, the main body weighs less then 40 Lbs and burns less then a quart of fuel in an hour. Click below more info!

Pipe and Post Collars Installed in Ground

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Power Pipe Post Driver, Post adjusters display

Vinyl Fence
Installation System

Fast fence Install, Increase Vinyl Fence Strength, Future Repair Work is Now Effortless!    

Gas powered post drivers are now the most preferred choice among professional fence installers and Do-It-Yourself customers, completely portable having easy access to all areas of the construction site. Post drivers are available in both gas 2-Stroke or chose a  4-Stroke with Honda engine. Purchase pricing on some models can start as low as $1,000 US dollars and many local tool rental centers now supply gas post driving tools for day or weekly rental rates. 

Operating in ideal ground conditions a gas post driver can power drive a 2-3/8" vinyl fence pipe to a depth of 48" or 4 Ft  below the subsoil in just minintes!​

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Galvanized Pipe
Vinyl Fence Install, Pipe and Post Collars

Vinyl Fence, Getting started with galvanized pipe installation! 

Slip Mount System™ products make building a fence easy in most favorable ground conditions! Rather than having to dig or post hole auger, the Slip Mount System™ is Simply Digless! It enables you to power drive galvanized steel chain link pipe into the ground, then simply line, level and fasten on. Sleeve over the pipe with 5" x 5" vinyl fence posts. installation fence install

Professional vinyl fence companies and home owners across Canada and USA love the Slip Mount System™ for its ease of use and ability to create the perfect line of fence with it's structurally hidden steel support pipes within.