2-3/8″ Pipe-Vinyl Post Leveling Collars W/Rail-Lock Kit


Slip Mount System® 2-3/8″ Pipe, 5″ Post Leveling Collars W/Rail-Lock Kit

Adapts (1) 2-3/8″ Pipe to (1) 5″ x 5” std. vinyl fence post including Rail-Lock part, prevents top rail fall out.

1-Kit Includes

  • (2) Slip Mount post collars, fits 2-3/8” pipe to std. 5″ vinyl fence post.
  • (1) Rail-Lock fits into top 5” x 5” vinyl fence post.
  • (6) #10, 5/16” x 1″ Hex head self tapping screws.

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Adapts 2-3/8″ Pipe  to 5″ x5″ Vinyl Fence Posts 2-Pce. Slip Mount Kit W/ Rail-Lock.

This 3-pce kit, including screws will adapt (1) industry nominal standard 2-3/8” (2.375″) outside dimension chain link pipe to (1) industry nominal standard 5″ vinyl (PVC) post profile having an inside-to-inside wall post measurement of approximately (4-7/8”) 4.875” x  (4-7/8”) 4.875″

Comes with, Rail-Lock Part #150550 Inserts into top inside cavity of  5″ x 5″ post. Fastens to top fence panel rails using screws, prevents rails from dismounting post, eliminates rail notching tabs and use of specialized tools.

1-Kit Includes.

  • (2) Slip Mount pipe collars (2-3/8”)
  • (4) Self tapping screws. #10, 5/16” x 1” self tapping screws
  • Made from impact resistant 100% high density thermoplastic polymer.

★ NOT for roof support.


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