No Dig Fence Faq's

No Dig Fence Product Questions

  • What material are your products made of? We manufacture using 100% pure form thermoplastic polymer, HDPE or High-Density Polyethylene.
  • Are Slip Mounts soft, rubber like? No, they are hard and more rigid, the material offers a high strength-to-density ratio.
  • Will Slip Mounts break in the cold? The material is impact resistant, like hockey arena Puck Board having strong intermolecular forces and tensile strength, even in the cold.
  • Is the material environmentally safe? HDPE creates no harmful emissions in the production process and has become the most preferred kind of thermoplastic. It leaks no toxic waste in soil or water which makes it more environmentally friendly and is recyclable.
  • Where are your products made? Our North American manufacturing plant is located in Alberta, Canada.
  • How do I tell an original Slip Mount from a knock off? All our products have raised lettering, Slip Mount or Slip Mount System, pipe collars feature  US. Design Pat. D630.085
  • How many years has slip Mount been on the market? Since 2009
  • Who do you sell to? We sell to large wholesale distribution chains, fence companies, contractors as well end user consumer at various price levels.
  • Will Slip Mounts fit all 5″ x 5” vinyl posts? Yes, they are a universal fit to the industry standard wall 5″ x 5” vinyl posts.

Questions about  No Dig Installation

  • Will the pipe bend in the wind? When installing new 5Ft or 6Ft tall privacy styles, 2-3/8” pipe is the most common due to its commercial strength. Pipe wall thickness can range from minimum 0.079 wall for medium wind regions, most common is *0.095 wall (SS20/ 20WT) for meduim to strong wind regions and Schedule 40 for extreme high gusting wind regions.
  • I have 1-7/8” pipe already installed?  When installing 5 Ft or 6 Ft full privacy fence use heavy wall thickness pipe, i.e. Schedule 40 pipe.
  • What length of pipe should I use? 8 Ft length pipe is used for both 5 Ft and 6 Ft tall fence.
  • How deep is the pipe driven into the ground?  5 Ft and 6 Ft tall privacy fence the  pipe is driven in 4 Ft (48”) below ground.
  • How high should the pipe stick out of the ground? Approximately 4 Ft (48”) above ground both 5 Ft and 6 Ft fence.
  • Do Slip Mount collars screw to the pipe? Yes, Slip Mount collars have upper and lower screw mounting flange.
  • How much vinyl post adjustment?  Approximately 1-1/4″ and 360 degrees of outside post adjustment.
  • What about portable gas Post/Pipe Driving Tools, where do I get one? Many are available at rental centers or you may purchase direct from a on-line distributor.
  • Can I use Slip Mount with pergolas, arbors and signposts? Yes when using longer pipe with taller vinyl posts, use between 3 and 4 Slip Mount collars per pipe.

 2-3/8″  Pipe and Post Collars, the better choice for privacy fence!

Upon our introduction of the first One-piece fully adjustable post collar for 2-3/8″ diameter pipe, Slip Mount offered many more benefits over the use of 1-7/8″ Pipe and collars.

  • 2-3/8” pipe has a larger diameter, this means more strength.
  • Offers better ground anchoring, more soils transfer up inside the pipe cavity during post driving, this adds more bottom weight.
  • 2-3/8” pipe offers an additional 24 more sq inches of side wall over 1-7/8″ pipe in contact with below ground soils for greater  grip and prevent’s pipe up lift during winter frost heaving.
  • 2-3/8″ pipe is more rigid, has less flex at the top of pipe, entire fence moves and wobbles less during wind.
  • 2-3/8″ pipe still allows 1-1/2″ of bottom rail insertion into a standard 5″x 5″ vinyl fence post.

How long has pipe driven fence systems been around, and when did vinyl posts come in? 

Pipe to fence post mounting techniques have been in use for the propose of fixing or attaching wood and other materials to an upright pipe driven into the ground dating back to the late 1800’s. It was not until the (PVC) vinyl fence industry grew in popularity and by the year 2000 a product became available in Canada with G. Elsasser’s patent. Specifically designed for installing a hollow vinyl fence post over an upright fixed pipe or tubing, Elsasser’s patent illustrates an X design having a square in its center. This design allowed a vertical upright pipe or tube inside the center cavity, once fastened a hollow vinyl fence post profile would sleeve over the outside, the X rib feature supported the inside walls of the hollow fence post. The design still allowed horizontal fence rails to penetrate inside the vinyl post through cut-outs without obstruction from the device.

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